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Terms and Conditions

No Refunds (for cancellations within 24 hours of trip)

• You require a “FISHING LICENSE” (anyone older than 12 years require a government fishing permit)

• Everybody will be responsible for their own safety

"No Show" Once you have booked a time it is allocated to you and we cannot sell that time to anyone else, if      you cancel or do not arrive you have deprived us selling that time and we would have lost it and so we do not      offer a refund. If you arrive late you will lose the amount of time that you are late by and if you arrive after           your scheduled time you will lose your trip and your deposit is not refundable.  

• The skipper has the final decision

• Fishing trips are weather dependent

• Rainy weather isn't cause for cancellation

• Ethical Values We support catch, photo, release, responsible and sustainable fishing practices as per our            original founding values. All Bill fish, Sharks and some other species are released; we also do not target            certain species under pressure of anyone   

• We abide to all quota and size regulations.

• We only book out the whole boat and do not take per person bookings or make up groups.

• You need to book the boat, advance bookings required.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel your charter with us, you will forfeit your deposit, the reason for this is that     we sell time and we have now lost that day. Breakdowns e.g., Boat out of order etc. your deposit is fully               refundable if you are not able to reschedule.      

  If the trip has to be called off due to bad weather for safety reasons, we prefer to reschedule, but understand      that this is not always possible and will refund your deposit. There are no refunds in any way for returning early    due to seasickness, we also do not go back to port to drop sick people off and go out to sea again. If the            skipper deems a guest not fit when out at sea he will return at his own discretion. If you arrive late from the          agreed time your trip will be shortened by the time you are late, as we often have another trip.   

BAD WEATHER expected: Bring along Light Rain Jacket, Towel, Jersey if a cooler day or night trip, snacks,          refreshments, 2 litres water pp, sunglasses, sun screen, good hat and fishing licence. Quick dry clothes are        always better but not essential.

    NB: Please consult your chemist if you require sea sickness tablets as we are not allowed to supply you with        these.   

Late Arrival Policy. It must be understood that we run a schedule with trips operating before and after your        allocated time and if you are late we cannot let this affect others who arrive on time, furthermore we are not        only  waiting for you on that day we have many trips and customers to attend to and cannot allow the actions        of one customer to affect another and so if you are late your trip will be shortened by the time you are late          and if you arrive after you scheduled time you will lose your trip and deposit. Even if we do try to                      accommodate you, this act of kindness does not infringe on our rights and policy.    

Refunds: The only time that we will refund is if the weather conditions are not suitable and we are not able to       reschedule or if the boat is out of order, there are no refunds for late arrivals or cancellations whatsoever.           There are also no refunds if you cut your trip short due to sea sickness. Cancellation due to weather conditions     is at the sole discretion of the Captain (Skipper) at the time who will make the decision based on safety               reasons and his decision is final as your safety is his responsibility.  

Deposits: Your trip is confirmed once you have paid a deposit, usually 50%. No deposit means your booking     is  unconfirmed. Please send us a proof of payment and use the reference number given to you at the time of   booking so we can allocate your payment to you. Deposits are payable within 48 hours for bookings made well   in advance, if no deposit paid in this time, we will offer that time slot to someone else.

Bad and Drunken Behavior: Bad and drunken behavior will not be tolerated at any time; this causes a risk to   the safety of all passengers and crew onboard. Should bad and/or drunken behavior occur during your trip,   the Captain (Skipper) will return to the marina immediately and your trip will be ended with no refund. Should   violence occur we will ensure that the authorities will be waiting at the marina on your return to deal with you   accordingly. Drugs and Hard liquor are not allowed.


2 Maritime place Durban Marina Durban 4000


Phone: +27(0)082 519 5000 
Fax: +27 (0) 86 655 6990

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